Soul Havens.....All are Welcome here.

The definition of haven (plural havens)
  1. A harbour or anchorage protected from the sea. 
  2. A place of safety; a refuge or sanctuary. 
  3. A peaceful place.
Welcome to Soul Havens! 

We all seek at times our special place, sanctuaries or "Havens" to retreat to, relax, rejuvenate.  A place of safety and serenity. A place to renew our spirit, creativity, and inner fire. I say Havens in the plural because most times we have more than one. 

Soul Havens is my special place. It is a gathering of many of my loves, my Havens, all into One. My love of art, jewelry, beautiful creations, crystals and more.  It has been a wonderful journey that has brought me to this place. I hope that you find your Soul's Havens here. Take a deep breath, and Enjoy!


~Lesley (Owner/Designer)